Konsumen Cerdas Paham Perlindungan Konsumen – Understanding of consumer behavior is very important in marketing. According to Engel, et al. (1994), consumer behavior is an act which is directly involved in obtaining, consuming, and spent products and services, including the decision is preceded and followed that action. There are two important elements of the meaning of consumer behavior, namely: (1) the decision making process, (2) physical activity involving individuals in assessing, acquiring and using goods and services costs (Swastha, 1990). [3] An understanding of the behavior of smart consumers can be applied in several ways, the first is to design a marketing strategy is good, for example, to determine when it is appropriate companies provide discounts to attract buyers. [4] Second, consumer behavior can help decision makers to make public policy. [4] For example, knowing that many consumers will use the current transport widths , decision makers can plan transport ticket prices in the feast. The third is the application in terms of social marketing (social marketing), the idea spread among consumers. [4] By understanding consumer attitudes in the face of something, a person with an idea can spread faster and efektif.Dan can also give an overview to the marketers in manufacture of products, pnyesuaian product price, product quality, packaging and so on so that the product does not cause disappointment penjualn on the marketer.
[ edit ] The approach in researching consumer behavior

There are three main approaches in researching consumer behavior. [5] The first approach is an interpretive approach. Konsumen Cerdas Paham Perlindungan Konsumen This approach delve deeply into consumer behavior and the underlying matter. The study was conducted through interviews with the length and focus group discussion to understand what the meaning of products and services for consumers and what is perceived and experienced by consumers when buying and using it.

The second approach is the traditional approach that is based on theories and methods from psychology, cognitive, social, and behaviorial and of sociology . [5] This approach aims to develop theories and methods to explain consumer behavior and decision-making. Studies and surveys conducted through experiments to test the theory and find an understanding of how consumers process information, make decisions, and the influence of social environment on consumer behavior.

The third approach is referred to as the science of marketing is based on the theories and methods of economics and statistics . [5] This approach is done by developing and testing the model of math based on the hierarchy of human needs according to Abraham Maslow to predict the effect of marketing strategy on choice and consumption patterns, known as the moving rate analysis.

All three approaches have the same values ​​and high and provide an understanding of consumer behavior and marketing strategy from the point of view and different levels of analysis. A company may use any or all approaches, depending on the problems faced by the company.

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