The Motor Matic Injeksi Irit Harga Murah

The Motor Matic Injeksi Irit Harga Murah

The Motor Matic Injeksi Irit Harga Murah – “More and More and Save Money Fast … It’s Magic.” Motor Matic Low Prices Save Money Injection Yamaha Mio J, Sporty, Excellent, Yamaha more in the Home.

Consumers in Indonesia consideration in choosing a motor matic injection technology does not just stop at a factor of fuel efficient and lower-priced (economical). There are still other factors to consider, namely the design of the motor. The problem is not many brands that offer motor matic injection of the main factors in a package sale of the motor.
Luckily now in the national market has provided J Yamaha Mio scooter matic is now the latest trend in Indonesian motorcycle market. Mio is still special to exist and be the belle of the motor matic in the country market. With the motorcycle consumers can reap the benefits of technology matic motorcycle fuel economy, low prices and beautiful designs and attractive. What’s Yamaha Motor provides two types can be selected according to the tastes of consumers, which Mio Mio J J Family and Teen. Matic Mio Motor consumer segment J is very broad and covers all walks of life. The consumer is active in various fields and use the Motor Matic Injeksi Irit Harga Murah as a means of transportation.
A Teen While Mio was created to accompany wishes more young people who want to look trendy confident and want to look stylish, sporty and dynamic. A Teen Mio is designed based on the 3-tone color combination. There are three different basic colors in a single product, which can be seen on the front cover and cover head lamp; spack front board, cover the side wings and rear body cover; cover the lower body.
Application of three different basic colors on parts of the motor is a real look at the five variants A Teen Mio. The first variant is the hero bike black base color – white – red.
The other black – green – light gray; white – blue – gray; white – black – light gray, and white – red – light gray.

Matic injection for efficient motor price on the road in Jakarta, Mio J-FI priced at USD 11.99 million, Mio CW J-FI price is Rp 12.8 million, Mio CW Teen J-FI for USD 12.93 million.

Motor Matic Injection Cheap Prices Save Money – Yamaha Mio J

Looking for Motor Matic Injeksi Irit Harga Murah technology is fuel efficient and lower-priced (economical) is the best solution for consumers who want to put the motorcycle efficiency values ​​as a top priority. This factor seemed not negotiable. Moreover, the issue of increased fuel prices and environmental pollution are already in sight.
Talked about frugal motor matic injection at an economical price is the best choice would fall on the latest products Yamaha Mio motorcycle J. The latest models are already available in the national market is so unique advantages in accordance with its tagline “More and More and Save Money Fast … It’s Magic.”
The uniqueness of the latest Yamaha Mio motorcycle matic J has been started from its name. The letter “J” who is behind the name “Mio” is a prefix of FI technology called Yamaha Yamaha Jet-Fuel Mixture Injection (YMJET-FI).
Meaning of the tagline is also very deep and a perfect injection Efficient Motor Matic Mio J Low Prices. Because, with Yamaha’s cutting-edge technology users can enhance engine performance and fuel efficiency to 30 percent. This is also why Mio J called “It’s Magic.” FI is very environmentally friendly technologies and standards Euro3   which will begin to be applied in July 2013 according to AISI (Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association)
Other keywords for Mio J is friendly (friendly). This means that J Mio easier to use by both men and women of all ages, children to adults. The design is also friendly, perfect for anyone because it is not too macho or biased toward younger children.
Mio A simple to use and low seat height so that it can accommodate anyone. Already using injection technology so no need to clean the carburetor. The battery is too fast for repairs dry, so do not need to be checked every week.
For those who need space for storage of goods need not worry. A Motor Matic Injeksi Irit Harga Murah luggage area 8 liters, so it can save a lot of stuff such as raincoats, shoes and bags instead of small.
A Cheap Motor Mio users also do not need very often to the pump to refuel because of the large tanks that can be filled Mio J 4.8 liters of fuel. Another advantage is easy to carry luggage rack because of the long seats.
A performance Mio Motor Matic Injeksi Irit Harga Murah is definitely assured superiority. This is thanks to leading Yamaha diaplikasinya line of advanced electronic technology, yaiut diasil cylinder, forged piston, and YMJET-FI. So it’s not an exaggeration to Mio J was born as the motor as fast as a jet of high-performance automatic and agile as Mio, supported by the ability of efficient and durable.
A Mio machine specification using type 4-stroke engine, 2 valve, SOHC, and fan-cooled 113 cc capacity. This machine is capable of generating power in the run up to 7.75 PS 8500 rpm with peak torque reached 8.5 Nm at 5,000 rpm.
Another important feature found on Motors best Matic Mio 2012 J is key shutter key (magnet) which enhance the protection of motorcycle theft. Therefore, when you no longer need to park troubled.
Matic motor design best Mio 2012 A very beautifully arranged. Update appropriate time to adjust to consumers who are savvy in choosing a motor. The design takes the flow lines that are disconnected from the body front to rear body thus creating the impression of harmony. Sporty, sophisticated and dynamic.
Matic surface of the motor body economical Mio J has a delicate touch with indentations elegant shades of shadow effects and high quality. Protruding dots Motor Mio J as a whole can be seen on the rear body, spack board, leg shield and head lamp.

Machine specs The Motor Matic Injeksi Irit Harga Murah most economical

  • Engine Type: 4-stroke, SOHC, air cooled
  • Cylinder Volume: 113.69 cc
  • Fuel supply system: Injection YMJET-FI system
  • Compression ratio: 9.30:1
  • Bore x Stroke: 50 × 57.9 mm
  • The types of plugs: NGK/CR6HSA
  • Fuel supply system: Injection YMJET-FI system
  • Ignition system: TCI
  • Clutch system: automatic centrifugal clutch hub
  • Starter system: Electric
  • Fuel capacity: 4.8 liters
  • Engine oil capacity: 0.8 liter
  • Power transmission: automatic V-belt system (V-Belt)
  • Gear ratio is set: 2.343-0.874:1
  • Air filter: Paper (wet)
  • Types of frame: Steel frame under Bone.
  • Class router / terminal phase: 26.5 ° / 100 mm
  • Length x width x height: 700 × 1, 850 × 1, 050 mm
  • Height from floor to seat: 745 mm
  • The distance from the surface of the device: 130 mm
  • The center of the wheel: 1260 mm
  • Net weight / Weight with full tank: 87/93 kg
  • Single-piston disc brakes
  • Power system: 12 volt headlamp, 32 watts / 32 watts x1