Yahoo Page One Motor Matic Injeksi Irit Harga MurahMotor Matic Injection Cheap Prices Save Money – Yamaha Mio J yes J sure Yamaha Mio dong! Want to have a motor Matic Injection at Low Prices and Save Money? if you want to make sure you choose YAMAHA proven quality and quality rather than the other.  Actually Motor Matic Injection Cheap Prices Save Money – Yamaha Mio J is the title of the SEO contest held in the framework of the event YAMAHA “YAMAHA WRITING COMPETION” which according to the info from the mas azrut held starting in May 2012. Yahoo Page One Motor Matic Injeksi Irit Harga Murahcertainly not dare to follow seo contest like this blog but since this new age of 2 months and I did not know what it is called SEO so I am here simply to provide information only for blogger friends who have not heard about seo contest

Seo contest of Motor Matic Low Prices Save Money Injection mioj the Yamaha. crowded followed by the many participants who followed the Indonesian blogger. those interested in the prize is so large that the kar seo intervene .. as a beginner I did not try to lose mo blog blog contest following the fate of the ane want to include Honda CBR 250R with the latest technology of Honda PGM-FI is a premium sport motorcycle manufactured by Honda has proved its superiority among the various motor sport in Indonesia. Body design sports a very elegant with a powerful 250cc engine, 6-speed, DOHC, 4-valves, single cylinder and liquid-cooled, Honda CBR 250R’s performance was incredible handalnya and optimal traction highly responsive. Moreover, Honda CBR 250R is Efficient Injection Motorcycles Honda Only the Best Price implementing dual braking technology, a combination and blend of Combi Brake System (CBS) and Antilock Braking System.

This innovation -efficient Motor Matic Injeksi Irit Harga Murah by Yamaha with Yamaha champion machines together toughness, DiAsil and Forged Piston Cylinder with advanced technology YMJET-FI (Yamaha Fuel Injection Mixture-JET). The combination of the sophistication of this technology can improve the performance of injection-efficient motor matic cheap Yamaha Mio J become higher quality and faster like a JET who drove on the highway but more efficient fuel consumption of 30% as well as unique agility Mio. Matic motorcycle driving miracle has come in sight, Yamaha Motor Matic Injeksi Irit Harga Murah is the right choice.

In this article I would like to recommend a small vehicle, look attractive, cool performance, but price is pretty cheap. Vehicle by which I mean Yamaha Mio J, or often referred to as Jet Yamaha Mio. Yamaha Mio J is one of several best-matic production output Yamaha motorcycles that have been applied to all variants of injection technology makes. Component parts of the machine is already using forged pistons and cylinder Diasil where the component was previously only applied to the motor sport / premium output Yamaha What is a Technology Injection?

Injection technology is the name for a system that works using an electronic device called ECU (elaectronic control unit) in doing the mixing of fuel and air to the spray into the combustion chamber. On the motor technology is a function previously performed by a device called a carburetor. The difference is quite striking is the way it works: if the motor carburetor, fuel composition and air are set manually by humans using a small screwdriver, but if the motor is done by setting the injection ECU electronically, based on input data from various sensors mounted on the engine parts.
The result, the composition of the ECU the fuel mixture with greater precision of the impact on the performance of the engine becomes more responsive yet fuel efficient (because all the fuel can be burned with sempurnya).
On the other hand the technology of injection combustion exhaust gas becomes more minimal and environmentally friendly …

What is a cylinder and Forged piston Diasil?

Differences diasil cylinder with a conventional cylinder located on the base material of manufacture.
Diasil cylinder made with a mixture of aluminum and silicon that is set up with the right composition.
Excess material is diasil cylinder is very strong, tough and able to absorb more heat than the maximum ..
Forged piston is a piston which is made by forged. If the piston through a mold used to manufacture, but manufacture forged pistons forged berulang2 way to obtain the desired density and then cut to desired shape ..

Combination of cylinder and forged piston Diasil this makes making bikes that Yamaha made to apply this technology to be more firm on the highway and minimal damage (durable) ..
This is also why Yamaha dare give up to 5 years warranty on the machine for motors that already use this material ..