Motor Matic Injeksi Irit Harga Murah Yamaha Mio J - D42

Motor Matic Injeksi Irit Harga Murah Yamaha Mio J – D42

Motor Matic Injeksi Irit Harga Murah Yamaha Mio J – D42how to best care for matic motorcycle – motorcycle matic is also sometimes need extra curing, wherein the engine system is more or less different from the motor common type. Matic motor if properly cared for it will be maximal for the ride.

under no information on how to best care for motor matic .here’s how to care best:

It is suggested before going on a motorcycle automatic preheat the engine before, about 1 to 5 minutes, a minute is enough to heat the engine.
  1. At the time of driving a motorcycle, riders do not often change the speed of the motor speed, fast home suddenly braked or otherwise. The reason in this way can mempendek machine age.
  2. Always check the condition of the tank of gasoline, do not let the condition of the gas tank empty. Petrol filling stations do not have to wait until the needle pointing toward the letter E or Empty.
  3. Maximum motorcycle transmission oil change every 5 thousand miles and the engine oil regularly every 1000 miles.
  4. Always check the condition of spark plugs and batteries. Therefore, the two devices are making the motor-powered automatic and speeding. If the battery or replace the spark plugs are not working with new and original in the official workshop or subscription pal Technology Center.
  5. Note also the vent to check the condition of belts and rollers on a regular basis. If it is not feasible to replace it with new and original.
  6. Always look at the transmission room, the room there is a component of vulnerable transmission dirt. Clean up the space transmission at regular intervals every 4 thousand miles.
  7. Matic motors typically use a single shockbreaker, then shockbreaker maximum oil change every 10 thousand miles.

Motor matic injection cheap economical launch of the motor ‘s latest matic yamaha motorcycle berteknologikan injection technology in the motor matic. A Mio making a motorcycle matic injection economical low pricewith high performance and responsiveness.

At Yamaha Mio meaning J J

Behind the letter J in J Mio first sentence of section FI technology Yamaha is Yamaha Jet-Fuel Mixture Injection (YMJET-FI). So that describes itself as Mio J matic motor as soon as the plane that passes JET – passing on the highway.

Yamaha Mio J uses a lot of technology that is applied to the motor matic, among others, such as DiAsil Cylinder, Forged Piston, ECU (Electronic Control Unit), Fuel Pump and YMJET-FI. and Mio use the type system of J 4 stroke, 2 valve SOHC (Single Overhead Camshaft) capacity of 113 cc fan-cooled. Regarding the specifications of the Mio J and complete information about the engine type .

Injection Motor Yamaha Mio Technology J

Motor Matic Injeksi Irit Harga Murah Yamaha Mio J – D42 technology Fuel Injection which is able to make use of the fuel consumption saving of about 30% keiritan existing fuel in the Mio J sure is true with the slogan reads “The Sooner The Save Money … It’s Magic.” Making the Mio A as motor matic injection economical price.

Besides the combustion gas exhaust from the engine is also more environmentally friendly. Own injection system works by mixing air into the fuel injector tool to produce bursts of fuel that is mixed with air into the engine combustion chamber.

  • Cylinder DiAsil technology components made of metal material part is mixing between the aluminum and silicon, so that the material has a forte in producing a good cooling and resistance machines. The technology is also environmentally friendly and high performance because it weighs a fairly light weight.
  • Forged Piston technology is typically used in motor racing that is currently applied to motorcycles. Serves as the driving piston in the engine which are stored inside the engine block.
  • Fuel Pump serves to drain the fuel (gasoline) from the tank to the injector to perfection.
  • ECU (Electronic Control Unit) system of engines fuel injection because it includes several functions in addition to set and maintain the amount of fuel that comes out and the entry of air that the engine needs to improve strength, even in a driving situation that tends to “lunge” and winding ones, such as acceleration , deceleration and high load, the ECU is able to control the balance of the needs of fuel and air remains the ideal conditions.

In addition to the Yamaha Mio J also has a locking feature for security in a motorcycle as a key or magnetic Shutter Key and Luggage extent of 8-liter J Mio and Mio A tank can be filled with 4.8 liters of fuel, so not too often to go to the Filling Station Materials General fuel is not wrong if it is called Motor Matic Injeksi Irit Harga Murah Yamaha Mio J – D42.

Color choices Motor Matic Injeksi Irit Harga Murah Yamaha Mio J – D42

Yamaha motors are specifically created a model and design of the Mio A color different from the existing motor matic and also varian, the number of colors that is provided to consumers is created for the public and the types of sporty and trendy are still young at heart. So that without any modification in Mio J is quite interesting from the form or model is on offer.

Several types of color models such as J Family Mio and Mio Teen J there is a difference in the two types of J Mio gets the color is more like Mio J Family dynamic and simple while the Mio A Teen is designed based on three color combinations.

A modification Mio

Modifications to the injection motor matic Mio J economical prices it does not need to do a total overhaul of modifications on this bike. because of the color variants and models of many options on offer. Maybe for the automotive modifier can not be lost from the automotive enthusiast, especially the motor or the bikers.

Seemed less can be said if it does not make modifications to the motor. For those who like to modify the motor must not actually spend a little over the extent of modification was done, if only on the wheels and tires with small ukurang it’s also pretty cool and not too much to spend their money.

Price On The Road Yamaha Mio J

The price offered by Yamaha Motor is very affordable for the size of the motor matic. Price on the road in Jakarta, Mio J Family priced at USD 11.99 million, Mio CW J-FI (Wheel Racing) priced at USD 12.8 million, Mio CW Teen J-FI for USD 12.93 million. So many options available so the cost has to offer. With the fee you can ride Mio J

So do not need a lot of thinking has many recommendations that the just described, you can visit the showroom nearest your area for motorcycle dealers Motor Matic Injeksi Irit Harga Murah Yamaha Mio J – D42. in order to know the greatness matic injection economical prices or dealer information can also be in the know on the site web official http://www.yamaha-motor. .

Many have described the advantages or superiority matic motorcycle yamaha mio J, blogger here terbaike “read: terbaikek blogger, not the best blogger, will add a sporty motorcycle matic shortage of injection efficiency. : D

Yamaha Indonesia create a “buzz” by bringing forth two new variants of the Yamaha Mio and Yamaha Mio Fino J-FI. Mio J direct-Fi to be excellent because it is an automatic motorcycle the most economical injection technology in Indonesia. How not to give Yamaha Mio bandrol J-FI only USD 11.99 million to USD 12.93 million (on the road in Jakarta).

Looking at the price offered by Yamaha, we then think, how the performance of this motor compared to other motors in its class. With low prices, what the motor is then buried the technology that is rated “modest”?

Let’s look at the full specs Yamaha Mio J-FI

Engine Specifications

Mio J carrying 113 cc engine, 4-stroke, 2-valve, SOHC fan-cooled, and has a maximum power at 8500 RPM 7.75 PS with maximum torque of 8.5 Nm at 5000 RPM. In addition there is the latest Yamaha technology, the Jet-Fuel Mixture Injection, as well as the application Diasil Forged Piston Cylinder and is made more optimal combustion and fuel economy.

Injection Technology Offers Efficient pricing

Not only performannya good and attractive design. Mio J is also more fuel efficient. In a slide presentation, noted that the fuel consumption Mio J FI is at 52 km / liter in test conditions vary, it is not in constant conditions (stable pull-red).

When in constant conditions, at a speed of 30 km / h fuel consumption obtained 70 km / liter.

There are two important factors which make the fuel consumption Mio J FI is much more efficient by 30 percent when dibandingakan with old Mio. Immerse Yamaha Yamaha injection system Fuel Injection Mixture-JET (YMJET-FI) and application-diasil forged piston cylinder.

YMJET-FI with the passage of water assists, 2 throttle and idle speed control valve to make more fuel-efficient engine at idle and low engine speed. When a low to medium engine speed, intake air assist passage through the water, fuel fogging effect may be more refined so that more complete combustion.

YMJET-FI is very effective in the economic zone, ie at speeds of 20 to 55 km / h. Average speed of the drive normally in Indonesia.

Being forged piston and cylinder diasil besides having a low coefficient of friction is also stronger beaten compression, high compression can be more complete combustion which have an effect on fuel consumption better.

Physical A graphical Mio-FI in Indonesia is much simpler than the Mio A version of Thailand. More muted. Cover the body side is similar to the Mio Sporty, then packed with a large rear lights are similar to Yamaha Nouvo lights.

Front of her body seems simple, does not look nice curved lines. But some are made more sharp angles like the shell until the turn signal lights and front fender. Seinnya lamp looks great elongated, oval. Plus the main light in the head (handlebar-red). This motor has been adopted Auto Headlamp On (Aho).

Like a rear fender Mio Soul, width, and is expected to be able to withstand splashes of water perfectly.

Luggage under the seat there is a size a little better than the Mio Sporty. Although helmets can not get in, but still enough to keep a raincoat. Under the bar there is also a console boot and hanger items, each capable of transporting the goods with a maximum weight of 1 kilogram.

There are two variants, the wear bar or casting wheel and spokes or spoke wheel.

Speedometer is easy to read, complete with green illumination. Ignition key is using a safety magnet. Unique mechanism of opening and closing the key, key hole cover unit can be done by turning the outside diameter of the key.

Appearance of the engine was completely new to suggest that the water filter put on the CVT transmission. Interestingly, the cooling fan on the right side engine cover there. Mio J-FI motors are powerful motors, but valuable side.

But what are the drawbacks? .. Motor Matic Injeksi Irit Harga Murah Yamaha Mio J – D42, Perhaps because the motor today do not use the rim finger – the finger automatically when used in a small town or village streets, casting wheel rims (cw) easily bent, like that of my bike. In contrast to the motor that uses the rim finger – the finger is more elastic damping potholes and easily be reset if there is crooked. Can also be used to store cigarette butts when my friend entered the drug store or pharmacy, without having to throw away the cigarette which was still worth 500 silver.

The more rapid growth of two-wheelers on Indonesia, particularly motor matic Yamaha Motor Matic creates efficient injection of low prices – Yamaha Mio J with injection technology to be more environmentally friendly and reduce air pollution.
Matic injection tech motorcycle is fuel efficient is the best solution for bikers who want economical with low price as a top priority.
Talked about frugal Motor matic injection at a low price to our best choice would fall on a cool new motorcycle products Yamaha Mio J. The latest model from Yamaha that has been sold on the national market is so unique with a variety of benefits in accordance with the tag “More and More and Save Money Fast … It’s Magic.”
Motor Matic J Yamaha Mio FI technology called JET-Mixture Yamaha Fuel Injection (YMJET-FI). meaning of the tagline is also very deep and a perfect Mio J, due to the cutting-edge technology from Yamaha’s customers can improve performance but fuel-efficient engine to 30 percent. so-called J Mio “It’s Magic.”
Besides motor matic injection economical prices – Yamaha Mio J friendly (friendly). This means that is easy to use by both men and women of all ages. The design is also friendly, perfect for anyone because it is not too macho or biased toward younger children.
A Yamaha Mio easier to use with the seat low enough so that it can accommodate anyone. Already using injection technology so no need to clean the carburetor. The battery is too fast for repairs dry, so do not need to be checked every week.
Users motor matic injection economical prices – Yamaha Mio J also do not need very often to the gas station to refuel because Angki Mio cuckup A big that can be charged 4.8 liters of fuel. Another advantage is easy to carry luggage rack because the seats panjang.Performa J Mio is definitely guaranteed, thanks to a series of advanced electronic technology diaplikasinya forefront of Yamaha, yaiut diasil cylinder, forged piston, and YMJET-FI. So it’s not an exaggeration to Mio J was born as the motor as fast as a jet of high-performance automatic and agile as Mio, supported by the ability of efficient and durable.
A Mio machine specification using type 4-stroke engine, 2 valve, SOHC, and fan-cooled 113 cc capacity. This machine is capable of generating power in the run up to 7.75 PS 8500 rpm with peak torque reached 8.5 Nm at 5,000 rpm.
Another important feature found in Mio J is the key shutter key (magnet) which enhance the protection of motorcycle theft. Therefore, when you no longer need to park troubled.
Design of Yamaha Motor matic Mio J as a whole was interesting. Update appropriate time to adjust to consumers who are savvy in choosing a motor. The design takes the flow lines that are disconnected from the body front to rear body thus creating the impression of harmony. Sporty, sophisticated and dynamic.
Body surface is not flat but has a touch of indentations elegant shades of shadow effects and high quality. Mio prominent dots J as a whole can be seen on the rear body, spack board, leg shield and head lamp.
For the current price of Yamaha MIO J varies as shown below (All prices OTR (on-the-road) Jakarta):
J-FI Mio USD 11.9 million.
A CW-FI Mio USD 12.8 million.
A Mio-Teen CW FI Rp 12.93 million.
No confusion anymore nor hesitate in choosing the motor matic Injection with Cheap price only Yamaha Mio J . please visit the website

Motor Matic Injeksi Irit Harga Murah Yamaha Mio J – D42