Promo Member Alfamart Minimarket Lokal Terbaik Indonesia 007 –  is the keyword as well as the theme of the SEO contest promo media member of the Best Local mini Alfamart Indonesia. This is a new trend in Indonesia where a lot of promo companies do branding / promo using seo contest. Information Alfamart seo contest certainly attracted the attention of bloggers to participate.
SEO contest – Promo Best Local Member Alfamart Minimarket Indonesia

Provisions SEO Contest Promo Best Local Member Alfamart Minimarket Indonesia:

This SEO contest held during 4bulan ie from the date of February 16, 2012 – June 16, 2012.Keyword is contested: Promo Best Local Member Alfamart Minimarket Indonesia Prize provided by Alfamart quite interesting:
winners get $ 1. Rp 10 million + shopping voucher. 1,000,000.
2 winners get Rp. Rp 5 million + shopping voucher. 500,000.
3 winners get Rp. Rp 3 million + shopping voucher. 250,000.
In addition Alfamart also give prizes for the category of Best Content Category of Rp. 7.500.000.Penentuan winners is based on the results of google and yahoo SERP is calculated using a point system by the committee seo contest.

Best Local Member Alfamart Minimarket Indonesia

Member of Alfamart designations are those customers who already shop at Alfamart faithfully all these years and has been joined in membership or in other words have a membership card as Card I, Card A card I Flazz and BNI. So to get a variety of Promo, held Indonesia is the Best Local Minimarket Alfamart should already have one of those membership cards.

Membership cards Alfamart Best Local Minimarket Indonesia

Card I

Card I Alfamart
I card into a card was first launched in 2005 to be exact with the card, Alfamart member will be able to follow every Promo Indonesia to obtain various benefits and advantages of the program of Alfamart interesting promo. Card I can use any member who has it for the entire national territory in Indonesia.

I BNI card

BNI card I Alfamart
BNI is a card I Alfamart member card in partnership with Bank BNI Alfamart exactly was launched on January 1, 2010. BNI is the card I was a card that has multi-functional, which in addition to a membership identity Alfamart member can also serve as legal tender. I apply a special card BNI Alfamart in Greater Jakarta area to benefit the member will get a variety of very special surprise plus get a chance to follow any special program exclusively for members Alfamart.

A Card Flazz

A Card Flazz Alfamart
A Card Flazz Alfamart created in collaboration with BCA Flazz which was launched on May 15, 2010. Flazz Card A card that seems special because in addition to a membership card Alfamart also be used for payment or transaction which may be called Prepaid Card. A Card can be used for payment Flazz in Alfamart, Alfamidi and also Alfaexpress plus can also be used at merchant Flazz such as bookstores, restaurants, cinemas and parking lots of others, but in the meantime Flazz A Card is still valid only in Greater Jakarta and Surabaya are .

Promo 8 Alfamart Member Benefits for Best Local Minimarket Indonesia

Promo seems to me, and Calendar Shopping Member Alfamart Best Local Minimarket Indonesia. Products Calendar Shopping seems to me, and usually in leaflet Alfamart and will be published regularly once every two weeks as a special program for Alfamart member who will get special discounts for certain products during the promotional period . The way is easy that is enough to show the card at the checkout Member Alfamart when they want to pay and it will automatically get a discount.
My present my special promo and Best Local Member Alfamart Minimarket Indonesia. Are my special Promo Best Local Member Alfamart Minimarket Indonesia on special products that are specifically presented for member Alfamart, special products can only be purchased by buyers who have become a member by simply My gift card kasir.Untuk demonstrated in the present program is also directly or sweepstakes that can only be followed by member Alfamart course, the lottery usually get a token.
Special Promo Big Program for “Member Alfamart” Best Local Minimarket Indonesia. Program special promo at least one month or yearly as well as a form of evidence for the member’s love for you (BKUA) of the form Alfamart Kalbe Nutritional Fair like Fair and others.
Redemption Promo For “Member Alfamart” Best Local Minimarket Indonesia. Program annual promo for each member with the system every member will be given points when you shop with at least 50,000 yen during the period took place, for these points can be exchanged for prizes and exclusive of Alfamart .
Promo “Member Alfamart” Thematic Promo Indonesia. Promo surprises specially to commemorate the great days like today customers nationwide, national batik day and certain days for other Alfamart member.
Promo Special Treatment for “Member Alfamart” Birthday. Special Promo Alfamart best moment for the member’s birthday, in this case the elected member will get a surprise from the minimarket Alfamart on the anniversary of the member.
Promo Special Event / Activities For “Member Alfamart” Best Local Minimarket Indonesia. Special promo for the member to follow a special event organized by Work At Alfamart like, Cooking Class and many other events for members only Afamart Dear.
Merchant Promo For “Member Alfamart” Best Local Minimarket Indonesia. Promo promo discounts and other attractive offers for its members on the merchants who have worked with Alfamart.

Promo Best Local Member Alfamart Minimarket Indonesia many advantages to be gained plus many surprises at Alfamart to members. “As First Minimarket which has the largest member in Indonesia Alfamart give a lot of innovation to spoil our members. One way is to consistently deliver Promo 2 weeks special for both member-members to shop at Alfamart or any of the merchants who work with many Alfamart to give discounts or special pricing. ”

So why wait any longer to be a member Alfamart? Sure to soon have a membership card as a form of recognition of Alfamart will be able to always get the benefits of each Member Alfamart Promo Best Local Minimarket Indonesia held that as is known there will always be consistent from Alfamart Promo Indonesia.