The Promo Member Alfamart Minimarket Lokal Terbaik Indonesia is a popular trend that is so well known by the public, both offline and online. According to official sources that the mini Alfamart founded with the mission of providing services to the middle to bottom looking for cheap prices and convenience. Alfamart is Minimarket Pioneers who have the most members in Indonesia, Alfamart provide many innovations that ultimately benefit the members. One innovation is carried out consistently every 2 (two) weeks is to give a special promo for its members, whether to shop at Alfamart or on merchants who partner with Alfamart to give discounts or special pricing. This article is dedicated to anyone who wants to know more about the service member Alfamart everywhere. Alfamart merchants are more and more scattered throughout the territory of our country, if you want to shop wisely you need to choose a profitable shopping, Alfamart could be your choice because Alfamart have a quality member service and the best in Indonesia.

The Promo Member Alfamart Minimarket Lokal Terbaik Indonesia

Member Alfamart is a term for the Alfamart loyal customer. Alfamart provide a range of facilities that benefit and special surprises from Alfamart like program: seems to me, Calendar Shopping, Specialku and My gift, as well as other proprietary programs. Member Alfamart are customers who have a membership card and join the I AM, A Card or Card Flazz ME BNI. To maximize the shopping Alfamart also recommended to take advantage of our Alfamart Mailer.

Card I

I am a card membership card Alfamart first launched in 2005. With the Cards I, the member will be able to obtain the benefits and advantages as well as a variety of exciting promo-promo that can not be followed by other regular customers that I am not a membership card. National policies in the ME card Alfamart throughout the Republic of Indonesia.

A Card Flazz

A Card is a membership card Alfamart Flazz which was launched on May 15, 2010 in collaboration with Flazz BCA, which functions as a membership card can also be used as a means of payment / transaction for A Card Flazz a Prepaid Card (non-card accounts to save money for purposes of the various transactions).

A Flazz Card can be used as a means of payment are not just around the outlet Alfamart, Alfamidi or Alfaexpress but also throughout the merchant Flazz include restaurants, a salon (beauty), bookstores, parking lots, movie theaters and much more. In the meantime, A Card Flazz effect within the Greater Jakarta and Surabaya.

I BNI card

I AM BNI card is one Alfamart membership card which was launched on January 1, 2010. This program is a collaboration between Alfamart with Bank BNI. BNI is a card I multifunctional card, in addition to functioning as a membership card, the card also serves as legal tender. The Promo Member Alfamart Minimarket Lokal Terbaik Indonesia card as the other, I BNI Card also offers a variety of benefits and special suprise Alfamart and of course, can follow a special exclusive programs in Alfamart membership. For now, I BNI Card valid only in Alfamart Greater Jakarta.

Here we convey various Member Alfamart Promo Best Local Minimarket Indonesia in the form of 8 Alfamart Member Benefits:

1. Shopping seems to me, and Calendar

Program and Calendar Shopping seems to me a special program Alfamart Members, where members will get special member discount price for certain products according to the promotional period. By showing Alfamart Member Card at the checkout when making a payment, then the Member will automatically get a discount for those products. For product info and Calendar Shopping seems to me there in Alfamart leaflet, published every two weeks or a poster at your nearest Alfamart.

2. My gift and my special

Specialku program is a program that displays Alfamart special products which at present only for the Member Alfamart. These products are my special, can only be purchased by The Promo Member Alfamart Minimarket Lokal Terbaik Indonesia by showing Card Member at the time of making payment at the checkout. While the gift is a direct gift or lottery program that can only be followed by Member Alfamart. Member will get a token that will be lots to get a certain gift or Member will get a direct reward in accordance with the program or an ongoing promo. Members can find out the number of tokens via SMS to 0817-111-234 by typing: TOKEN (space) ID card or by calling Customer Care at 0-800-1-234-234 Alfamart.

3. Big Special Program for “Member Alfamart”

This program is a program of special promos member with a period of relatively longer, at least 1 (one) month, the program is specific to the member, the mechanism of the program can be fair (eg P & G fair, Kalbe Nutritional fair, etc.) or an annual program of special member who would is very well known “Evidence For Your Love” known as sebuatan BKUA.

4. Redemption For “Member Alfamart”

The annual program for Member Alfamart, where Members will earn points every shop min. 50,000 on an ongoing period. Members can redeem these points with exclusive and exciting prizes at the given period. Members can find out the number of points via SMS to phone number. 0817-111-234 by typing: POINTS (space) ID card or by calling Customer Care at 0-800-1-234-234 Alfamart.

5. “Member Alfamart” Thematic Promo

This promo special surprises to commemorate certain days (eg: Valentine’s Day, the National Customer Day, the Day of National Batik, etc). This promotion can only be followed by Member Alfamart by demonstrating Member Card (Card ME, I AM A Card or Card BNI).

6. Special Treatment for “Member Alfamart” Birthday

Member’s birthday did not escape the attention of Alfamart. With the Special Treatment Program for “Member Alfamart” Birthday, elected member of Alfamart will get a surprise on his birthday, in hopes this program became a best moment unforgettable for Member Alfamart. Wow this program really ok.

7. Special Event / Activities For “Member Alfamart”

Beauty Class, Free Arisan, Cooking Class, Open Work At Home, Factory Visit a few examples of programs for Special Event / Activities For “Member Alfamart”. The Members were given the opportunity to participate in a variety of exciting activities at each event which will surely be a valuable experience for Member Alfamart. In addition to these events, there will be many more interesting events that can only be followed by Member Alfamart.

8. Merchant For “Member Alfamart”

With the Merchant program For “Member Alfamart”, Alfamart member will get discounts, deals and promo draw on the merchants who work with Member Card Alfamart in Indonesia. In addition, the A Card Flazz, Members also can enjoy a wide range of attractive offers and promo merchants Flazz BCA throughout the Republic of Indonesia. So let’s take advantage of the game promo Indonesia profitable, no one Alfamart did good service, we even pay a bill on pay TV Alfamart.

Undeniable that Alfamart is the Best Local Minimarket Indonesia that caters primarily to the middle to lower community by offering a variety of benefit programs. No wonder, Djoko Alfamart Boss entered the ranks of the new billionaires in Indonesia according to Forbes magazine, it illustrates the success of The Promo Member Alfamart Minimarket Lokal Terbaik Indonesia