Sepeda Motor Injeksi Irit Harga Terbaik Cuma Honda 215 – Injection Motorcycles Honda Only the Best Price Save money -When buying a bike is considered a major fakor and how efficient is the price of fuel used. Understandably Indonesianising people despise the cheap but good.

Sepeda Motor Injeksi Irit Harga Terbaik Cuma Honda

Who does not know the origin of Japanese automotive manufacturer on this one, everyone would be familiar with automotive manufacturers wings logo, the ” Honda “. Currently PT. Astra Honda Motor is a pioneer in the application of PGM-Fl system on a motorcycle in Indonesia. Honda was first presented and the only one injection motorcycle in Indonesia who have been using injection technology or environmentally friendly technology known as PGM-FI (Fuel Injection programed), the latest variant of this one made by Honda Supra X 125 Helm in PGM-FI and spacy Helm in PGM-FI.

Sepeda Motor Injeksi Irit Harga Terbaik Cuma Honda

Of course the question arises, what is the advantage of the PGM-FI technology? The first advantage is certainly more environmentally friendly technology because the technology is embedded within the O2 sensor and catalytic converter so as to control the levels of exhaust gas which in turn could reduce emissions by 90% and the end result is in accordance with regulatory standards EURO 3. The second excess of Injection Efficient Motorcycles Honda Only the Best Price is fuel efficient, why is economical because with Honda’s PGM-FI technology capable of controlling the optimal composition between the supply of fuel and oxygen so that it will produce a more efficient combustion.

If the motor from another vendor in a thrifty condition usually occurs “disappearance” of power, but no injection of Honda motorcycles, despite its fuel-efficient but does not reduce power traction motor, similar technology is also applied to the MotoGP bike, well this is point number one of the advantages of the motor 3 PGM Honda-FI. Excess Honda PGM-FI bike next is so much easier in the “starter” in all conditions in temperature, altitude, although the old condition is not turned on, and advantages of the motor end-point PGM-FI is the bike easier to maintain because in the PGM- FI MIL (Malfuction Indicator Lamp) to identify a mechanical problem with the blinking lights that help maintenance becomes easier.Sepeda Motor Injeksi Irit Harga Terbaik Cuma Honda

How does the process work Injection Efficient Motorcycles Honda Only the Best Price it? PGM-FI technology is electronically controlled to supply fuel and oxygen exactly match the needs of each state machine. This injection system relies on the role of various components of the sensor that transmits information signals to the center engine control ECM (Engine Control Module), which then gives the command signal output kekomponen in the machine to produce optimal energy efficient and environmentally friendly emissions.

Fuel System: Fuel pump which served to drain the gasoline from the tank injector Air Induction System perfectly: The amount of air sucked into the cylinder through the sensor can be measured kevakumannya as a benchmark amount of gasoline that will be injected.

PGM-FI system for controlling the levels of exhaust gas to reduce emissions so that environmentally friendly, more efficient in fuel consumption, providing more responsive traction motors, engines easily turned in any conditions (cold weather mountain though), idle is not affected at altitudes a region (the mountains), and supported by the MIL (Malfuction Indicator Lamp) provide ease of periodic maintenance. sepeda motor injeksi irit harga terbaik cuma honda

Has actually been more than 20 years developing this technology Fuel Injection. Honda first introduced the CX-500 model of TURBO in 1982 which is the world’s first motorcycle to use fuel injection technology. Honda Motor Model CX-500 Turbo makes a bike with better acceleration than the model CB-900F, and this is because fuel efficiency is better than CX500 models that became the platform of the Honda CX-500 TURBO.

Beginning in 1993, Honda is trying a new technology for the motor racing in the category of GP500 with Fuel Injection technology. Motor Honda in the MotoGP class is identified by a Sepeda Motor Injeksi Irit Harga Terbaik Cuma Honda 215 capable of producing power RC211V tremendous controlled by PGM-FI technology. This shows that the performance of PGM-FI technology which can be applied to outstanding motor racing. From the description above Injection Efficient Motorcycles Honda Only the Best Price is certain, choosing honda motorcycle PGM-FI is the right solution for you when they wanted to buy a motorcycle because of its environment-friendly technology into an innovation and implementation of the importance of maintaining the stability of the environment around us. Motorcycles Efficient injection Honda Only the Best Price !.

Sepeda Motor Injeksi Irit Harga Terbaik Cuma Honda 215

Efficient injection Motorcycles Just the Best Price Honda – Honda Motorcycles is no stranger to the people of Indonesia, the average user still choose Honda Motor vehicles, other than Famous Efficient Fuel consumption and obstinacy Honda Motor Machine can not be doubted until sekarang.Inovasi Honda Year 2012 with PGM-FI Technology in Indonesia have shown the first exploration of relentless innovation of Honda Motor.

PGM-FI is the fuel supply system with electronic control technology capable of supplying fuel and oxygen is optimum according to the needs of the machine in every state.
Here are some of the benefits of PGM-FI technology:

  • More environmentally friendly. The combination of smart sensors and catalytic converters can reduce exhaust gas.
  • More fuel efficient. More efficient fuel consumption by 17 percent through technology that gained control of the optimum composition of the fuel and oxygen supply.
  • More powerful. Programmed machine performance settings provide more responsive acceleration. Similar technology is also applied to the MotoGP bike.
  • More easily turned on. More easily turned on the engine in all conditions and air temperature, altitude and even after a long time is not turned on though.
  • Easier maintenance. Supported by the MIL (malfunction Indicator Lamp) to identify a mechanical problem with the blinking lights that help maintenance becomes easier.

The actual terms of the PGM-FI system is “programed Fuel Injection”, the name of PGM-FI Honda is the name given to the fuel injection system is electronically controlled. PGM-Fi system is supplying fuel to the engine through the fuel injector circuit in the control by the engine control module (ECM). This type of system controls the fuel supply is more rigorous than those using a carburetor system.

Fuel injection system has a feature on the carburetor system as follows.
• Improve fuel economy
• Improve the emissions
• Improve response
• Power output of higher

Sepeda Motor Injeksi Irit Harga Terbaik Cuma Honda 215