Sepeda Motor Terbaik Cuma Honda Right Now – I have a motor. Two wheels. Honda Motor’s brand. Production of 95 years, the Honda Supra Fit. But the era passed, now comes the latest technology that makes the motor manufacturer’s name no one In this world increasingly globalized, through its PGM-FI technology which makes Cuma Honda Right Now

Sepeda Motor Injeksi Irit Harga Terbaik Cuma Honda Right Now

The most enjoyable motorcycle is used for a walk, let alone be alone with a boyfriend. with an open condition, the wind will hit the driver’s face, which makes travel by bike more fun and asoy. Of course there are exceptions when it comes the rain that makes the user motors usually have docked ketepian and shade on the patio stores and other places of refuge. Or if the sun beating down, make biker keringetan, heat and thirst.

Efficient Motor Honda

But beyond that, naek honda motorcycle is fun. already advanced injection technology, fuel economy, purchase price and any sale is the best return on the market. Second price honda stable from year to year, because the honda product is the most sold product in the market of Indonesia. Then the injection is completed Cuma Honda Right Now

Interested in having a motorcycle? Honda then be used as a reference quality coupled with performance but with a very reasonable price. To imagine, but it costs like brand honda motorcycle china .. not cool?

With the injection system, the motor such as an injection, because it means the injection syringe, then the motor if the alias in the injection syringe, it will be more fuel efficient, so not wasteful in the bag for feeding tu ngasi motor. Especially now that the government is a project launched fuel restriction, although no impact to the bike, but we must support this plan in order to save fuel, especially gasoline, aka premium, using a thrifty gasoline motorcycle.

As we know, that has been widely circulated motorcycle products in Indonesia, but the economical injection motorcycle Honda was just the best price . And for that, on this occasion I will discuss the efficient injection motorcycle Honda was just the best price,which is produced by PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM).

As a pioneer of the motorcycle industry in Indonesia, PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) has been producing motorcycles with fuel injection or the use of technology (PGM-FI), such as Supra X 125 PGM-FI Helm in Helm and spacy in PGM-FI.

To the workings of a motorcycle with this injection system is by spraying fuel directly into the combustion chamber. Amount of fuel and air flow is controlled by the ECU sprayed (Electronic Control Unit). Although as a controller, a variety of parameters also affect the ECU in order injector, the RPM sensor, engine temperature, air temperature, throttle position, manifold pressure and crankshaft position. Sensors are responsible for providing information about the operating conditions and engine load to the ECU before spraying the fuel discharge. So in essence the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) is able to ensure comparison of gasoline and air is always accurate in every engine speed.

Here are the advantages of technology PGM-FI injection Motorcycle Honda only economizes the best price :

  1. More Environmentally Friendly. A mix of intelligence O2 sensor and catalytic converter in the PGM-FI technology to control the levels of exhaust gas can reduce emissions by 90%, according to regulatory standards EURO 3. And this has been proved that the PGM-FI technology is more environmentally friendly.
  2. More Efficient Fuel. PGM-FI technology is able to control the optimal composition of the fuel supply and oxygen to produce a more efficient combustion. So that more fuel efficient.
  3. More Powerful. PGM-FI technology will govern the performance of the machine that has been programmed at any engine speed, so it will provide more responsive acceleration (more powerful). Similar technology is also applied to the motor MotoGP champion, is now at your favorite motorcycle.
  4. Easier Turning Machine. PGM-FI technology sophistication makes the engine easier to turn in all conditions in temperature, altitude and even after a long time is not turned on though.
  5. Easier Maintenance. Electronic control systems in the PGM-FI MIL (Malfuction Indicator Lamp) to identify a mechanical problem with the blinking lights that help maintenance becomes easier. Optimal treatment can be done at the Official Honda Workshop throughout Indonesia.

By looking at some of the advantages of this technology PGM-FI, Honda motorcycles rightly deserve to be called as an Cuma Honda Right Now . And it’s time everyone can participate to create a better Indonesia with Honda’s PGM-FI.