Motor Matic Injeksi Irit Harga Murah – Yamaha – A Tagline Mio is increasingly familiar in the hearts of consumers was born out of technological excellence applied to the latest Yamaha scooter.

Key points of excess Mio J seen from where the responsiveness of high-performance and economical or efficient. Iritnya more durable. Plus a smart design style flowing line and 10 color options for young people, making it perfect J Mio. Moreover J Mio technology engines Fuel Injection (FI) is a completely new Yamaha-developed expertise.

Motor Matic Injeksi Irit Harga Murah – Yamaha

Mio Iritnya J supported a series of systems that applied to the machine that is Low Friction Technology, DiAsil Forged Piston and Cylinder, Fuel Pump and YMJET-FI (Yamaha Fuel Injection Mixture-JET). Low Friction Technology developed to reduce any kind of friction or friction. Effect of heat on the engine lower so that more efficient fuel consumption due to engine temperatures are well controlled. It is applied to the Cam Shaft (Bearing Added special) and Cranksaft Assy, so the rotation effect is softer and very low heat. Not enough, the cooling system Motor Matic Injeksi Irit Harga Murah – Yamaha  is also equipped with Turbo Fan engine to cool quickly.

motor matic yamaha

motor matic yamaha

Forged Piston Cylinder and benefits of high compression piston clearance and steady. High compression can be explained from DiAsil Cylinder material that is not full metal but it is mixed with silicon so that when there is pressure or compression, DiAsil Cylinder walls become more dynamic (flexible wall). While the stability of the piston clearance because of the distance between the walls Forged Piston and Cylinder DiAsil awake, so no damage to walls and Forged Piston Cylinder DiAsil.

Other components in the system J Mio machine that makes economical Fuel Pump is a very compact (solid), low electricity consumption (low electrical energy consumption) and good fuel consumption (able to control the injection of gasoline from the tank to the engine area).

And certainly YMJET-FI is well known that the people of Indonesia. YMJET-FI produce complete combustion, maximum power, but is very economical and environmentally friendly fuel. “Yamaha Motor-Fuel technology Injectionnya able to make more fuel efficient and save up to 30%. Moreover dump gas is also more environmentally friendly “explains M.Abidin, Assistant General Manager Service Motor Matic Injeksi Irit Harga Murah – Yamaha.

Towards a Euro 3 Standard, Yamaha Ready to YMJET-FI

Development of two-wheeled automotive very rapidly in modern times. Most hot topic discussed was the exhaust emission standards Euro3. Indonesia itself through Bicycle Industry Association Motorcycles Indonesia (AISI) will set the standard application of the motor Euro3 effect from July 2013. European Union (EU) had already been applying the standards of Euro 3 regulations in January 2006 based on Directive 2002/51/EC, known as ECE R40. Euro 3 standards were contained in the regulation of the Worldwide Motorcycle Emission Test Cycle (WMTC) and the rules that became the benchmark AISI and JAMA (Japan Automotive Manufacturers Association).

“AISI choose  standard Euro 3 regulations issued WMTC because it applies worldwide, not only in Europe such as the ECE R40 regulation. With WMTC rules, the motor can be exported worldwide. Plus points compared to Euro 3 standards ECE R40 WMTC which can reduce noise in the muffler (exhaust) and engine, “explains M.Abidin, Assistant General Manager Service Yamaha Indonesia.

Is easy to understand the laity, Yamaha has issued YMJET-FI (Yamaha Jet-Fuel Mixture Injection). The new FI system has a very good performance so as to produce the fuel consumption of a highly efficient and low emissions and environmentally friendly. The new system has been applied since 2009 Yamaha motorcycle in Asia and is now found in Mio Mio J as the latest generation has a legend.

Motor Matic Injeksi Irit Harga Murah – Yamaha