Promo Indonesia – Busy my activities in the capital city is not giving me the opportunity to indulge yourself. Every morning my activities bekerjasebagai and finish work until late at night I have to finish studyku. To the extent to shopping whenever I have the opportunity surreptitiously. Normally I would shop at the Mall, Mall must prepare for all my needs from the needs of primary and secondary. So for shopping mart never be said except to buy snacks.

promo indonesia

promo indonesia

Tonight I perform the usual duties in one study in the University of Grogol. Promptly at 21:30 am, I just finished college suddenly calls from my office to go back to the office due to the difference between recording with a checking account. Promo Indonesia Alfamart Erratic course I made, I must have been frustrated with the condition of the body that have not been cleaned at all. When I asked permission to change clothes before going to the boss’s office rejected due to urgent circumstances. I can not help, like I do not like to follow orders from superiors.

Promo Indonesia

Incidentally when I was a woman’s monthly cycle, certainly if ga ga awful depths change. Incidentally on the way I look at gas stations equipped Alfamart Palmerah precisely at the pump, I do not waste it for a brief stop to Alfamart. I also bought my usual disposable pads. When I saw the price of these pads, wahhhhh yes the price is really cheaper than usual. I check again the price is indeed cheaper. I too was surprised that the woman Alfamart ajuga provide depth, hands-on opportunities wahhhh I bought to replace the innards that I wear. Suddenly I was interested to check the price of other goods, but I decided to continue my investigation the next day because I was waiting for my boss.

Apparently Promo Indonesia until morning, just finished at 06.00 pm. Spontaneous Wahhhh today I ga ya going to come to work, my eye bags already like pandas. But ya I have a coffee first before returning home. Apparently when I went in the office pantry empty coffee stock, alas ….. ya how I get home if his already hard-literate. Finally I decided to go home looking slowly all coffee shops are open. It turns out again this morning I saw Alfamart 24 hours, I will stop by to Alfamart, cool in there Alfamart the pake selling Hot Coffee cup, one cupnya only Rp 5,000. Well I happen to really need to get too warm, finally warm. Looks like this is interesting Alfamart and need further investigation.

alfamart promo indonesia

Afternoon after I had fallen asleep due to ga sleepless night, I immediately get ready to investigate further Alfamart. I happen to exist near the pavilion Promo Indonesia Alfamart. It seems like everywhere Alfamart ya, tasty and affordable. I also ran my car into the Alfamart. I went immediately greeted by smiling staff Alfamart, safe shopping there are CCTV to monitor the safety of our shopping. The atmosphere is comfortable, shelf goods between each other is more quiet and do not coincide.

The composition of any goods regularly, so bselanja even easier and more sequential, so do not forget the items that will be spent. Sure enough the prices here are cheaper than I usually shop at the Mall. Wahhhh’ve lost … ya me how many dollars if compared to shopping at Alfamart. I think once this Alfamart only sell certain items, ga complete and certainly more expensive price. In Alfamart also fruit tablets. So if spending no need to go far, just datengin wrote Promo Indonesia Alfamart ga nearest and certainly will lose. It turned out that in addition to friendly officers are also very helpful, when I asked the brand of goods, direct the officer swiftly find the required items. Wahhh …. ni rarely saluttttt nothing like this. When I pay, the officer offered the card I (Alfamartku) where we can get a discount on certain items for users of cards I. Immediately, I iyakan, with only Rp 10,000 cards Neither could I bring it home, without the need for registration of a complicated and convoluted convolution.

Then I realized, shopping at the Mall is not necessarily cheaper than the nearest mart mart. I certainly do not regret what I have always shopped at Alfamart, is near, easily accessible, and easily approached at any time. In addition no need to queue to pay saaat prolonged, convenient shopping pokonya deh. Try deh colleagues who rarely spend on Alfamart, datengin and compare it to the Supermarket in the Mall definitely prefer shopping in Alfamart. Now I shop Alfamart sure to be I too have been a member Promo Indonesia Alfamart and can be found everywhere. Kenyamanannnya 2-fold more pronounced than shopping at the Supermarket in the Mall.