Promo Indonesia by Alfamat minimarket – My family is Alfamart addict. Almost every day my wife and children been to a number of outlets in Alfamart. Whether it’s buying daily necessities kinds of soap, toothpaste, instant noodles, snacks up. I often come to the booth Alfamart because Alfamart outlets scattered around our settlements. There are at least five outlets located just a stone’s throw from our residence in Kranggan.

Promo Indonesia by Alfamat minimarket

Promo Indonesia by Alfamat minimarket

If only it was actually the reason is not too strong. Because where I live also stood firmly Alfamart rival outlets. Even in some places, they are contiguous. But why do I keep the bees visit Alfamart? Here’s why:

1.Price  sure, competitive. It is undeniable as those who have busy in many places, I tend to be simple. If the shop was going to do the simple things well. I am most lazy with bargain shopping. Moreover, if the goods are sold well not be negotiable items. In Promo Indonesia by Alfamat minimarket all the goods have been given a price tag, it is definitely worth it. We live take and pay for. It is simple. The price that we spend not very expensive. Still the standard according to the price in the market.

2. Shopping in the cozy Alfamart. Comfort can be felt starting from the parking area is generally quite roomy. Then also the arrangement of (display) the goods are easily visible and accessible, even by small children though. The laying of goods is fair, whether it was the promo or not. For products that are doing promo, placed in a conspicuous part with great writing. While other items placed on shelves that are also fairly easy to find.

3. Cleanliness is always maintained. For about this one I do not want to compromise, to me is the cleanliness of outlets in stone. If I find an outlet is not clean, then I am spending too dim lust. Mean spending a lot of heart, seeing the environment not supportive, then I spread the money urunglah.

4. There was never any change of candy. This is important because a few dollars difference is due to fractional prices, causing a kind of Alfamart outlets to rack my brain how to restore my change in consumer spending. If the “mart” mart the other-they use candy as a tool of change, Alfamart not do that. Downward or upward rounding dillakukan in order to meet customer satisfaction.

5. The service is friendly. One of the reasons why I returned again and again to Alfamart are shopping for a personal touch service. Every time you open the door I was always greeted Alfamart outlets, “good morning / afternoon / evening”. It may sound trivial, but for customers like me were “really something”. I feel “diorangkan”, not merely as consumers who must be drained out the money. I was greeted by a friend. When a customer is considered to be a friend then the customer will feel in his own home and “willing” to spend money.

6. Strategic location. Can not be denied the choice of location stores the key of a successful business, especially retail businesses such as Alfamart. Alfamart always easily accessible location. Located on the side of the well-traveled road. This is obviously easier, as he crossed we can stop for a while to buy a house needs a depleted stock. No need to park too far away, the vehicle can be parked directly in front of the booth. About security? So far I am quite satisfied. Alfamart outlets that are around us all safe housing. Parked vehicles do not have problems, because there is always a warning to customers to be careful to leave the vehicle while shopping.

7. Open nonstop. Alfamart number of outlets in the area where I live are generally open 24 hours nonstop. It’s a pretty bold move. For people who are mobile and often come home late at night or early morning, Alfamart definitely be an option. I do not worry if you suddenly hungry after work at midnight. There are at least three outlets Alfamart I passed near the house. Alfamart stopped by, and I could get a piece of bread and a refreshing cold drink.

8. I was a card. Since a few years ago I also have a card I, card members Alfamart customers. By using my card I can often be a bonus item as well as special discounts. It’s not in stores “Mart” to another. In my opinion, this is a clever way to tie consumers to be loyal Alfamart.

9. Often there is a startling promo. Promo may be common for large merchants, but the merchant is a new kind of Alfamart recent years intensively conducted. Of such credit to buy a particular operator we get a bonus in the form of soft drinks, or buy two get one free item of goods. The types of this kind of promo favored customers, especially if the stuff being promo is an urgent need everyday.

10. Current environmental issues is becoming a trend in almost all areas, not least in the retail field. As a leader in the retail business minimarket, like do not like Alfamart have contributed to the magnitude of the use of plastics as wrapping purchases. My suggestion, should Promo Indonesia by Alfamat minimarket begin using recycled plastic in all stores. Or in the future to make the appeal that consumers bring their own bag of fabric. And for customers who bring their own cloth bags from home are given incentives or special prize for having participated to reduce use of plastic for packaging goods belajaan. This problem must be anticipated by management Alfamart jelly, because in the future business environment will not care about customers shunned.

11. Also provide food / hot drinks like coffee / tea / milk or noodles gooreng / stew and burgers as snacks for those who need food in the evening / early morning. I think the service is important, because it’s been a lot of stores are open 24 hours Alfamart. Asrtinya, there is a change in habits of citizens, particularly in the Greater Jakarta area since many outlets or 24-hour service, people so often come out / activity at night. This fact must be captured with the jelly to provide for these circles.

12. Also provide seats for those who tented food and beverage outlets. In addition to making the customer feel at home, this service could not bind the customer to move to another mini. So the motto “Satisfied Price Shopping Pas” really real. Services that the customer gets maximum satisfaction at the price offered. Happy 12th anniversary Alfamart! Promo Indonesia by Alfamat minimarket